Our Founder & CEO

Khareem Oliver a college student and lifelong dog and cat lover noticed the challenges of losing a pet and how they never make it home. He was stunned by these daunting statistics:

  • 1 in every 3 pets will go missing at some point in their life
  • Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will ever return home
  • Only ½ of the 6 to 8 million companion animals in shelters leave to rejoin their original families or are placed with a new “forever” family (the other 50% are euthanized because of lack of space – something no one wants, especially not the people tasked with that horrible responsibility)

With his experience volunteering at non-profit animal rescues, the help of his dual enrollment entrepreneurship class, and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) incubator program, that’s what inspired him to establish Find or Found in 2015.

Find or Found focuses on creating the leading online platform for lost pets while providing new technology to assure peace of mind!